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July 2005
Downfallverse RPG
Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005 10:06 pm

Just a little reminder on how to properly label your posts for your character.

All post that you as an author write should be made public. To differentiate the difference between friends, filtered, and private posts use the following helpful codes:

For a friends locked you need to start your post with the following:

[<*img src="http://www.aeloralane.com/icon_protected.gif"> friends locked- others please comment at <*lj user="downfallverse">]

Take out the * and you will see:

[ friends locked- others please comment at downfallverse]

For a filtered post you need to start with the following:

[<*img src="http://www.aeloralane.com/icon_protected.gif"> filtered post to Lex/Lana/Hudson -others please comment at <*lj user="downfallverse">]

Take out the * and you will see:

[ filtered post to Lex/Lana/Hudson -others please comment at downfallverse]

For a private post you need to start with the following:

[<*img src= "http://www.aeloralane.com/icon_private.gif"> private post - please comment at <*lj user="downfallverse">]

Take out the * and you will see:

[ private post - please comment at downfallverse]

I hope this clarifies a few issues. If you have any other questions ask below.


Downfallverse RPG
Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005 09:56 pm

Thursday, July 28, 2005

cosmosgirl posted about saving Lex's life.

cosmosgirl made a private post about savings Lex's life.

llson posted about the accident at the bridge.

llson made a private post about his suspicions about Hudson.

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Downfallverse RPG
Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 07:29 am

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

cosmosgirl posted about school here and here.

llson posted about his move to Smallville and his father finding him on LJ.

smallvillemom posted about her daughter starting school.

kentagriculture posted about farm stuff.

lionel_p_luthor posted about shipping his son off to Smallville.

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Downfallverse RPG
Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 02:27 pm

The two are related, actually.

I'm trying to figure out the time period we're playing in, as I'm not sure the pilot was in real time, like 2001 or whenever it was filmed and aired.

The reason I want to figure this out is that I want Lana to be a fan of something. As in a media property that existed at the time. The reason I want to do this is that fandom works *incredibly* well as a forum for questioning things I want Lana to question, at least for me.

So what I need to figure out is: When we are taking place from a popular culture perspective. I then need to find a fandom that was big at that time (if it's in the past), that I know enough and/or have access to the source material of. It also can't be an SF fandom, as I don't think any of the ones I know would attract Lana. Of course one never knows. I'm tending to a movie for ease of access, but a TV show could work if it's one I know about.

So the main question is the time period. The rest I can figure out, though if you have any suggestions.

I want Lana to mention seeing her first episode (if a show) or the movie in her first entry, which is why I'm asking.


Downfallverse RPG
Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005 06:56 am

Okay, we now have the following journals:

cosmosgirl - Hudson
llson - Lex
lionel_p_luthor - Lionel
beyond_princess - Lana
smallvillemom - Martha
kentagriculture - Jonathan

Chloe should be coming soon. We still need Pete, Whitney, Dodd (AKA Martian Manhunter). There could also be one for Aunt Nell, if anyone is so inclined. It would be interesting to see her having some flame still going for Jonathan. Anyway, if you know of anyone who would be interested in joining, please pass on the word. Pimp this in your LJ's!! Also, feel free to friend all of the above as yourself, for now.

You may begin posting today. We will start at the beginning of the pilot, meaning Lex has just been sent to Smallville and hasn't gone off of the bridge yet. Also, according to the Hudsonverse, Hudson discovered she was an alien at thirteen when puberty and her heat vision decided to coincide. So, Martha and Jonathan won't be going through that, but they will be dealing with her discovering just how invulnerable she is. Everyone may post about anything they wish regarding everyday life as often as they want but the parents will probably want to hold off on reactionary stuff to their children until Lex or Hudson have made reactionary posts.

I'll keep us updated on where we are with regards to each ep. Posts made by the characters will be linked here daily.

Also, goth_clark was kind enough to share icons from sv_journals with us for private and protected posts. Now, when you want to make such posts, you may use the following:

[ private post - please comment at downfallverse]
[ friends locked - others please comment at downfallverse]
[ filtered post to Lex/Lana/Hudson - others please comment at downfallverse]

Feel free to use the links directly from my server.

Above all, have fun with this!

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Downfallverse RPG
Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 12:38 pm

Okay, so in the same vein as sv_journals, we're going to get together and write out journals of the characters from my Downfall Series. If you haven't read it, no worries. We're not following the storyline or anything - we're starting from the beginning and seeing where the characters take us. Who knows? Maybe Lex will take Hudson where she can stick her lies. And she can tell him she isn't his momma.

Or maybe not. :P

We already have a few characters taken, though there are plenty who need adopting! If you see an unclaimed character you would like to take control of, please let me know in the comments! The list is as follows:

Hudson Clark Kent - written by aelora... LJ User cosmosgirl

Lex Luthor - written by icalynn... LJ User llson

Lana Lang - written by joanne_c... LJ User beyond_princess

Chloe Sullivan - written by medie

Lionel Luthor - written by kelex... LJ User lionel_p_luthor

Martha Kent - written by supesfan88... LJ User smallvillemom

Jonathan Kent - written by laurelqueen... LJ User kentagriculture
Note: Some may argue that Jonathan wouldn't have a journal, and wouldn't go near a computer. I would have to disagree. While I don't see him as the type to sit down and write out emails or spend hours in front of the monitor or, hell, even know how to turn it on without help, I don't believe he would ever be a complete PC-phobe. He did go to college, he was a young man during the electronic age, and he probably played a few video games as well. Between Hudson and Martha, I'm sure they've both shown him the great deals he can find on farm equipment through the net, as well as articles on new farming techniques. I'm sure there's a huge organic farming community out there, and all of the farmers I know out here in the Midwest are not ignorant of the assistance the internet can provide. That said, I doubt he would post all too often, nor would those posts be particularly long. This is the character for the person who doesn't believe they would have time to participate much.

Pete Ross -

Whitney Fordman -

Dodd AKA Martian Manhunter (Lex's cook) -

Character Writers - please create your character's journals and provide the link for me here in the comments so that I can add them.

Treat your character's LJ as a real LJ. They probably wouldn't give out the names of friends, family, unless it was in a private or friends only post. Don't use Smallville icons. Try to relate to your character and make the journal reflect who they are. You are welcome to post as much as you believe your character would do so. I would like to have a minimum of at least one post per week, though, so that the journals don't become stagnant and the storyline moves onward. If anyone is available to occasionally get on AIM and discuss plotlines, please add me (miss aelora).

You are free to make private posts, flocked posts and filtered posts. Just make certain to acknowledge them so that readers know whether or not they can reply. Use the following format:

[private post - please comment at downfallverse]
[friends locked post - others please comment at downfallverse]
[filtered post to (Lex, Lana, Chloe) - others please comment at downfallverse]

It's not necessary for our characters to friend everyone at once. Some of them may never friend each other. Obviously, Chloe, Pete and Hudson would friend each other for fun. Lana would be included once they became friends. It will probably take Hudson some snooping to find out Lex has an LJ. And if Martha and Jonathan ever friended Hudson, it would be to keep an eye on her if nothing else! :P Lionel and Lex would be the same - totally keeping an eye on each other. I would suggest we each friend all of the characters as ourselves, just to keep track of the story.

Additional Characters - I think having added original characters could be a lot of fun and add a further dimension to the story. If there is someone you feel should be added, please comment in this post and we can discuss it. It can be an Original Character of yours or someone from the DC universe. If you would like to have more than one character, you are welcome to do so, but please do not use your two characters to attempt to start unneeded dramas. I'm sure we'll have enough of that as it is. :P Also, if I feel one character is being neglected for the other, I may ask you to give one up.

Readers - Please feel free to friend the characters and get to know them. Do not, however, use Smallville-related icons in your posts, just to keep the illusion going.

Storyline - We will begin with the pilot, and continue on from there, following the episodes until our storyline and characters decide to do otherwise. This is definitely a perfect way to make many of those storylines that just didn't make a lick of sense finally work! If you feel your character shouldn't have done something or reacted in a way they wouldn't have, then change it. Also, we will be covering holidays, vacations, summer breaks, etc, just to have a little more fun with their normal, everyday lives. This thing could go on for a long time, just to warn you. I'm not saying every day will be according to real time, but a lot of them should be.

If you have any questions, ask them here. This community is for us to discuss how everything is going and receive feedback from our readers.

icalynn was kind enough to buy some time for this community. Anyone up for creating a cool design for us???

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